You Have the Power

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Your Reality

"I am dedicated to helping others claim their personal power and live in alignment with their joy and purpose."

Heather Lusky

Certified Behavioral Health Professional with a background in behavior modification,

nonviolent communication, and working with neurodiverse populations.

About Heather 

I am a transformational coach who empowers others to gain insight and clarity on their unique purpose, to effectively wield their personal power.

Through archetypal self-discovery work, I facilitate heightened levels of self-awareness and agency in others to create positive change in their lives.

Having transformed my own life of deep depression, morbid obesity, food and alcohol addiction to one of hopefulness and meaning,

it is my life's mission to help others do the same.

about me

Coaching/Healing Sessions


Whether you are flirting with what is possible for you, or already moving through a profound life transition, transformational coaching, energy healing, and archetypal discovery work are powerful tools to facilitate profoundly empowering, meaningful shifts in your reality.  

Spiritual Services


As a spiritual channel and guide I am called to to support others by providing guidance  through various spiritual and shamanic modalities

My offerings include non-denominational marriage services, shamanic journey, ceremony, circle facilitation, divination, and  spiritual services individually tailored to your unique needs and desires.


My Blog

I am committed to sharing my personal experiences, insights, resources and tools for the benefit of others. The mission of the RisingBravely Blog is to provide hope, inspiration, and ideas for consideration as you explore ways to dive deeper into authenticity. 


Heather Lusky

Tel: 510-454-9797


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