• Heather Lusky

Lay Down the Worry and Let Your Light Shine

When was the last time you allowed yourself to let go of fear and worrying about not measuring up to expectations?

Do you allow yourself to BE in your JOY and PURPOSE?

Do your recognize your sovereign right to choose powerfully that which feeds, sustains and ignites you?

Several weeks ago I found myself trapped in worry that I wasn't showing up in the world ENOUGH. Good enough. Inspiring enough. Working hard enough. These worries were paralyzing and became a vicious cycle of inertia that had me dead in my tracks. Fortunately, I pulled my head out of my ass and realized that I was keeping myself small and miserable with these thoughts.

I tuned into myself to ask what I really needed and found that I had been holding a vision of a healing journey that I had been telling myself "would be great, but...isn't going to happen because I can't do that right now." What a load of bullshit I was feeding myself. That vision was a solo journey to Burning Man to complete a deep healing that has been working me since exactly a year ago. I was telling myself I couldn't have it because I didn't have a ticket, a ride, a place to camp, or the time to go. Then, I opened myself to the possibility of going and within a week I found I had a ticket, a cushy rock-star place to camp that was generously gifted to me, the time and space opened up and I was even gifted a free plane ride straight into the Black Rock City airport!!! Whut??!!??

When we align ourselves with what we know is true and right for us and choose powerfully, the Universe rises to meet us on our path because the whole world benefits from our choice to fulfill our purpose. I found a deep healing for myself (and for all of us) out there this year. A healing I earned through hard work, bravery, vulnerability and a willingness to be real with myself. And a healing that I am blessed to have received facilitated by the love and generosity of those that support me and feed my process.

Fear is natural and I would never suggest that we should be fearless in order to find ourselves or embrace our purpose, but it is our ability to face our fears, to shine light on our own truth, and to stand in our sovereign power that liberates us and allows us to shine.

Thank you Tex Allen of Portrayou Photography (http://www.portrayou.com) for capturing this moment in time for me. The moment I laid down all the worry, burden and self-sabotage to let my inner light shine.


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