into your deepest truth


Sovereign Womxn

An in-person healing journey 

Are you a womxn (a female-identified person) in the bay area who:


Is ready to claim your sovereign right to your power and fully embody your unique purpose?


Is angry, hurting, or feeling dis-empowered AND READY to CLAIM YOURSELF and stop falling victim to your circumstancesunhealthy patterns, and bullshit cultural programming?


Understands that your painful experiences are valuable AND is READY to ACCESS DEEP HEALING?


Is ready to take ownership of yourself and to HONOR the SACRED LIFE ready to be lived through you?


Is SEEKING greater PEACE WITHIN you, your relationships, your communities and even the world?


Is learning to RELEASE and surrender into the flow of your own natural rhythm?


Is seeking supportive community, meaningful connection, and is OVER DOING IT ALL ALONE?


If you answered “YES” to any of these, then there is a SOVEREIGN WOMXN inside of you waiting to be more fully HONORED, NURTURED, and SET FREE!!!  




I know that YOU are a BADASS, POWERFUL WOMXN.  And, while your power is incredible, your sovereignty is not the measure of your power or independence.  Your sovereignty is YOUR INNATE BIRTHRIGHT TO YOUR POWER. It is your natural-born right to STAND IN YOUR TRUTH and to OWN YOURSELF FULLY.  It is NOT something that someone else can give to you or take away; it is unchanging and inherent to your very being. 


What we DO with our sovereignty is of the greatest consequence, for ourselves and for the world.  When we CHOOSE POWERFULLY we ELEVATE OURSELVES AND RAISE ALL WOMXN UP with us.

I have lived the tired old story of giving my power away and living as a victim.  Fortunately, I have found strong womxn as mentors that have helped me find my way home to myself in a way that I never imagined was possible.  It is my calling to help other womxn transform their own lives in the same way.  


I believe that the entire world benefits from your personal healing and that THE WORLD NEEDS YOU to BE YOUR BEAUTIFUL, PASSIONATE, POWERFUL and AUTHENTIC SELF. 

Imagine what it would be like to be living more fully in your truth: What reality can you envision creating for yourself? For your family? For your communities? For the entire world around you?  




JOIN US for a DELICIOUS, POWERFUL JOURNEY into YOUR DEEPEST TRUTH.  This is an in-person, immersive program where you will have the yummy experience of sacred connection with yourself and other womxn, profound inner healing, and learning how to tap into your instinctive powers of vision and your ability to birth that vision into reality.  



We will meet twice a month for one weeknight circle and one full Saturday work day, with the exception of February when the work day will be an extended weekend overnight retreat (Dream Temple). 

Each circle and work day will be facilitated using a combination of deeply connected sharing, embodiment practices, energy work, and ancient ceremonial and shamanic teachings that have been passed down to me through my guides and mentors.


If you have questions PLEASE CONTACT ME  for a FREE consultation.                                     

 I invite YOU to JOIN US 

for this potent and yummy

6 mos. in-person, immersive journey.  



01/22: Circle (7p-9:30p)

02/05: Circle (7p-8:00p) (virtual call)

02/08-02/09: Dream Temple Weekend (Overnight: 11a Sat-5p Sun)

02/26: Circle (7p-9:30p)

03/07: Work Day (10a-5p)

03/25: Circle (7p-9:30p)

04/04: Work Day (10a-5p)

04/22: Circle (7p-9:30p)

05/06: Circle (7p-9:30p)

05/16: Work Day (10a-5p)

06/03: Circle (7p-9:30p)

06/13: Initiation (10a-5p)




Tuition:  $888.00




6 Mos. Tuition + Coaching:  $1,222.00

*Coaching includes (6) 1:1, 60 min. coaching calls over the course of the program


HOLD YOUR SPOT with a $200 deposit. 

Those making deposits will need to speak with me by 02/05/2020 to make an individual payment plan for their balance owed.


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